Our Staff



Harry Pierce  Certified Hypnotist

Harry, has been hypnotizing people for over 20 years. He first learned hypnosis to entertain friends and family, and it quickly turned into a passion for helping people. He became fascinated by how directly communicating with a persons unconscious mind allowed dramatic and swift changes in their lives. Harry realized that he could help others facilitate the changes they desired, and help them overcome challenges.  Harry has been working as a certified hypnotist since 2012 after attending the Midwest Hypnosis School. He is also certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming. He has presented on hypnosis in a variety of venues. In addition to his work at Hoosier Hypnosis, he is currently working towards his Masters in Social Work.




Amber Brandenburg   Certified Hypnotist

Amber is the newest addition to our team. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology, she enjoys helping others through writing or volunteering. In addition to her duties as a personal assistant, she is our content editor and article author. She has been writing for most of her life and joined our team in mid-2016. In any event, She is our team’s all around Girl Friday. When she isn’t writing for Hoosier Hypnosis she writes fiction, short stories, blog articles, and pursues various other artistic endeavors.



Support Staff


Andrew Lawson  Web Design

In the late 1990’s Andrew found his calling working on web design.  He found this passion fiddling with WordPress and eventually decided to take the plunge and learn web design.  He has worked with a wide variety of clients and companies.  Always up for a challenge, he isn’t afraid to dive into new projects or even find ways to improve his current ones. Prior to joining the team, he worked on a number of other small online business ventures.  In addition to his work on Hoosier Hypnosis, he owns Bigger Hammer Publishing.