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Got Sugar Cravings? Get Hypnosis

As we settle into autumn and the cooler weather, it gets more and more common to want to indulge ourselves. And there are some important biological reasons for this as well. Which is why today on Hypnotic News. I want to talk about sugar addiction. A problem that few of us even realize we have or how drastically it affects us.

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Hypnotic Gastric Band

Welcome back to Hypnosis News where today we’re going to talk about a new trend in hypnosis. The hypnotic gastric band an innovative intervention. The best teachers are teaching it and more and more hypnotists are adding it to their repertoire. Additionally, people are happy to have a nonsurgical solution to their weight loss woes.

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Building Body Confidence

We’ve all been there. We’ve looked in the mirror and not liked the person staring back at us. While this can be mental as well, it is often physical. Maybe we don’t like that bit of pudge around our waist or the shape of our curves. No matter what the problem, we’re going to talk about body confidence today in Hypnotic News.

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