Signs of Hypnosis

The list below contains the primary signs of hypnosis. The first half of the signs relate to observable signs while the second half related to personal experience. Remember that some subjects may have all or only a few of the signs listed below. Even having one sign can be enough to indicate some level of trance. Even if you are only entering a light trance, it can be improved with practice.

Observable Signs


  • Relaxation. Your muscles will loosen.
  • Face may look as though ironed out.
  • Vacant look in the eyes (if in waking trance)
  • Stillness. (Can even be observed in subjects with nervous tics)
  • Decreased response time.
  • Flush of the skin.
  • Fluttering of the eyes as they enter trance.
  • Eyes may roll upwards.
  • Pulse and breathing slows down.
  • Swallowing reflex slows or often disappears.
  • Reaction time slows.


  • Less distracted by outside noise.
  • Intently focused on the hypnotist voice allowing other thoughts to drift out of their head for the duration of the session.
  • May become so absorbed in listening that they no longer have to make the effort to listen.
  • Can react internally more instantaneous to enact change due to hyper focused state.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

  • Feeling relaxed.
  • Feeling of floating or drifting as through the air or water.
  • An ability to ignore the usually pressing thoughts of the day (may even occur in anxious individuals).
  • Aware of your surroundings.
  • Feeling at peace.
  • You may notice that your imagination is more vivid.
  • Some people feel detached from their problems during trance.
  • You may feel heavier or lighter than usual
  • Time may feel distorted (either shortened or elongated)

For more information about hypnosis check out All About Hypnosis for more articles about what hypnosis is and how it works. The more you understand about the signs of hypnosis and how they occur, the easier it is to see what a powerful tool it is for change.

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