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Struggling to go into Trance?

Trance is easy and natural
You can go into Trance

Hello, this is Amber with your Hypnosis post of the week. Today’s post is about trance.

While we get many questions about hypnosis, one of the ones we hear often regards concerns about being able to go into a hypnotic state or trance.  The truth is that getting there isn’t really all that difficult.  Very few people have significant trouble going into trance.  However, having been a new client myself, I can understand the concern.  There was a time where I too was worried about being able to go into trance or stay deep enough in trance to work on my own problems.

To ease your mind, I wanted to share a short article I found. Karen Lee of Hypnotherapy Directory UK. shared this last month. It talks about entering a hypnotic state and how natural the process is. It also gives a few hints to help you improve your own ability to go into trance easily. Whether you struggle or not.

Once more into a trance dear friend… once more!

In order to access the subconscious, we need to enter a state where the conscious mind is busy relaxing. Most people have no trouble relaxing into a hypnotic state without help, but if going to a hypnotherapist could feel tense, nervous or embarrassed.

It is important to remember that the “trance state” we talk about is a very natural state indeed, not only are you fully aware of what’s going on, you are tuned in with the subconscious mind slightly more – meaning that the body’s “fight or flight” system will be listening, but even more closely, allowing you complete reassurance that you will never be put in a position to compromise your moral code or be “made” to do something you wouldn’t normally decide to do.

It is true that the more you practice relaxation, the easier it is to go into this relaxed state we call a trance. If you would like to practice relaxing into a trance, you could make contact with the hypnotherapist you are interested in seeing to request a CD of them inducing a trance, this gives you an opportunity to build rapport with your therapist as well as get to know their “hypnotherapy” voice, which invariably differs from their speaking voice.

Some therapists charge a nominal fee to cover costs, others have downloads available to buy which may also help with confidence, self-esteem or something similar.

Needless to say, therapists have your well-being and recovery from whatever issue you seek help for at heart. What should be the easiest part of the session sometimes becomes a battle because it feels so alien to the client – remember practice makes perfect, or in this case much less strange to the client!


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