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Distracted by the outside world? See how hypnosis can help you study more effectively.

Studying for exams is stressful if you want to make good grades. Whether you are studying for your current career or one you are just embarking on studying is important.  Each bench mark is one step closer to competency and completion.  Being able to study effectively for the test while coping with the stress is a part of the whole process. 

The Problem With Tests

While we know that tests are not the best way to determine someones competency, as a society, we have yet to come up with a better way to examine individual ability.  Nor does this change the fact that exams create a lot of often undue anxiety and stress. Not to mention that it can be overwhelming which affects our ability to study effectively.  If you haven’t realized it by now, an exam is about far more than just the information. It is about remaining cool under pressure. You can know everything about a subject, but if you cannot relay that on the test, the results will fall flat. 

When we fail to cope with these feelings appropriately, they can create a vicious cycle of intense emotions ranging from depression to frustration and anxiety.  They can even cause us to loose confidence in ourselves.  Over time this has a horrible effect on the unconscious, resulting in even greater performance issues.  To make matters worse, this negative feedback loop of emotions, can cause you to put even more roadblocks in your own path.  Remaining calm, relaxed, focused and confident while testing (and studying) will make it that much more likely that you succeed in your endeavors. 

And the best part? This is a set of skills you can learn with a little bit of help from your hypnotist.

Obstacles to Learning

People struggle to study effectively for many reasons.

A. Fear and Anxiety

B. Sleep

C. Depression

D. Learning Disabilities

E. All of the above

The important thing is to remember you are not alone. Exam stress and nerves can affect anyone.  Age and experience do not matter. Whether you are a student or a professional any of these things can happen to you. The important thing is not that you have this issue but that you find a way to overcome it. 

Learning Disabilities

In addition to simple struggles studying there is also a large amount of people suffering from various learning disabilities. It is estimated that over 10% of the world’s population has some sort of learning disability and 35% of the students receiving special education services are diagnosed with a learning disability. 

In addition to that there is some indication that learning disabilities may be under diagnosed, especially in adults.  Can you imagine how harmful it would be to your self esteem to not realize some of your issues were beyond your control, but not beyond fixing? Imagine the self esteem issues and fears of failure.  It’s sad when diagnosis could allow for the implementation of coping skills that would enable them to succeed. 

The children who go under diagnosed face a life long struggle. Learning disabilities cannot be cured. And many still don’t learn that they suffer from one until they are adults. With the right support and interventions, however, children and adults with learning disabilities can succeed in school and life.  Recognizing, accepting and understanding your learning disability are the first steps to success.

Types of Learning Disabilities

For more information on all of the learning disorders mentioned above please check out the website for the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

For more information on ADD/ADHD and the current research being done please visit Dr. Amen

Negatives into Positives

The good news is that we can help.  In many cases learning ability can be improved just by changing the way one frames the issue.  Throughout our lives we are shaped by the way others have spoken to and by the events in our lives. 

How many struggles in our lives have been caused by someone saying something out of hand? We’ve all met that friend whose parent called them stupid leading them believe its true.  In most cases, it would seem highly unlikely that a good parent would mean that their child is actually dumb. Likely it was said in anger and the parent actually meant to tell them that they were being clumsy, awkward, or that they were not paying attention.  If his subconsciously accepts this statement as true, the person will start to do stupid things. They may have a high IQ, but do poorly in school, because a stupid person cannot make good grades.

Or the teacher who tells their student, “You do good in spelling, but you will never make it in Math.” or “Your sister was good in spelling, but you can’t spell.” Those students may develop an issue in those subjects. An issue that could have been avoided with better wording or suggestion.  By re-framing how we think about our struggles we change our beliefs which helps us, in turn, to change our habits. Hypnosis is just a short cut to your subconscious streamlining the process and making it more efficient. 

Ways Hypnosis helps

Many people fail to realize how versatile this tool is. In lieu of (or in conjunction with) medication, hypnosis suggestions help people to successfully:

Keep Calm and Carry On

While we have talked about a few of the ways we can help with stress and anxiety related to test taking, there is far more hypnosis can do. The sad thing is that very few people realize how effective it is. Anyone can benefit from hypnosis. We can’t even count the number of clients, across all our services, who have found new coping skills through hypnosis. 

Just like we have the zone in sports there is a sweet spot for studying. We would like to help you find that perfect mental head space for studying.  Often we’ll teach you self hypnosis so that you can take these skills with you wherever you go. Like anything, even study habits and self hypnosis, it just takes some practice to acquire the most effective skills. Our goal is to help you succeed. You already have all the tools you need within you. Just let us guide you towards them. 

No matter what the underlying cause you can overcome this.  Even if the pressure is building, even when the stress and anxiety is high.  You can do this. Stress and anxiety have their purposes. They let us know that there is danger or things to be aware of. We just have to remain aware of the fact that in our modern society, that system can get overstimulated, causing disastrous results. If you feel your exam stress is affecting your daily life, hypnosis can also be very effective in combating sleeping disorders, panic attacks, and relaxation.

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