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Our Services

Sports Hypnosis

When it comes to athletic performance, the mind-body link is of the utmost significance. The mental condition of an athlete can have a big impact on their actual performance levels on the field.

Stress & Anxiety Hypnosis

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and anxious, our hypnosis service is the right choice for you. With our help, you can learn to manage stress and anxiety in a healthy and effective way and enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life.

Hypnosis for Addiction

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help individuals break free from the negative patterns and habits associated with addiction. Our program is designed to help individuals overcome their addiction and lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

Quit Smoking Now

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool for breaking the cycle of smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, and marijuana. Our hypnosis program is designed to help you gently transition your brain back to its original state of being a non-smoker.

Life Coaching Program

Transform your mindset and achieve your goals with our unique life coaching program that combines traditional coaching techniques with the power of hypnosis. Our expert coach will work with you to identify and overcome negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, leading to a renewed sense of self-confidence and reduced stress. Our program is tailored to meet your individual needs, making it the most effective way to achieve your goals. Don't let negative thoughts hold you back any longer, take the first step to a better you today.

More Services

Some of our most popular services include Sports performance enhancement, teaching clients how to reduce stress and anxiety, dealing with Anger issues, and helping people quit smoking. If you're struggling with any of these issues, we encourage you to schedule a free strategy call with us today.


By connecting with the subconscious mind directly, your hypnotist will address your perceptions of the event. This will allow you to examine the cause of your depression with the aim of improving your self-esteem and mood while helping you regain your independence.

Insomnia and Sleep

Hypnosis is a natural and safe alternative to man medications.  Bad habits, anxiety, or negative thought patterns can all be reasons why you struggle to get a better nights rest. Hypnosis may be able to help you if you believe that any of these may be the cause of your own sleep disturbances. You too can overcome your struggles with sleep and insomnia.

Pain Relief

Chronic pain and its relief is a very diverse and complicated issue.  It is one that requires time and patience to overcome.  It takes support and a variety of methods to treat.   Chronic pain may never have a quick solution, but its management can mean the world to your quality of life.

Study Effectively

 If you feel your exam stress is affecting your daily life, hypnosis can also be very effective in combating sleeping disorders, panic attacks, and relaxation.

Weight Loss

Hypnosis focuses on addressing your underlying struggles.  You and your hypnotist will talk and determine not only what those are, but how best to address those goals.  your hypnotist will also guide you into hypnosis to work with the part of your mind that you do not consciously control.

Fears & Phobias

Fears and its negative counterpart, phobias, work on a unconscious level. Meaning that it is not something we can control. No matter how much we tell ourselves that X, Y, or Z isn't scary, our bodies and minds will still react with fear. Hypnosis aims to communicate with the unconscious and change the way you feel and react to your phobia.