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The Mindful Mindset

Being MindfulIt’s Amber again with your friendly tip of the week.  We all have bad moods. Sometimes they last a day or two…and other times…they last longer. The last week or two I’ve personally had issues with my mood and the longer it goes, the harder it is to get back into that positive groove.  Or maybe you’ve never personally found that groove and would like to.  Either way, that is what today’s post is all about: mindset and how we can affect it.

We all have bad moods for a variety of reasons.  You may be stressed, anxious, or depressed.  Maybe you are struggling to reach your goals.  I know that anytime in the past when I quit smoking or when I was trying to loose weight that set backs would sometimes put me in a bad mood. It may be as simple as not getting enough sleep.  Or maybe its just one of those bad days that we all have on occasion.  No matter what is causing your mood, you can change it.

Which brings us to the article I found today.  Robert Donnelly wrote about how we can affect our mindset and bring positive change into our lives through both our choices and maybe even a bit of hypnosis.


Mindset is everything

There is such a lot written about mindset today. Being in the moment… mindfulness, that it is really difficult to know what to take from it or if in fact any of it is of value to us.

What I would say however is the above statement is true for just about everything in life. Being in the right mindset, for work for, sport for relationships, for any aspect of our life can only make things better.

We are constantly being bombarded with information nowadays… you could say possibly too much information. The human mind only has the ability to take on and retain so much information at one time, otherwise, we will suffer from information overload which could lead to anxiety or a feeling of not being in control.

So what is the right mind set? And how can I get there?

For me being in the right mind set is when you are totally in the flow, where body and mind are at one and things just flow, the negative voice that sometimes stops you doing what you would like to do goes quiet and you are calm in control and everything just happens.

There are many ways to achieve being in the flow. Cognitive hypnotherapy can introduce you to tools techniques and a healthier way to look at things. It can turn down that voice in your head that you have constant battles with saying can’t won’t shouldn’t.

All the information that is constantly thrown at us on a daily basis by the media is just that information. It’s how we interpret that information, how we let that information affect our thinking, behaviour and therefore our lives that’s important to us!

All behaviour has a purpose, be it running away from that scary spider or heading for the biggest cream cake in the shop, we all do these things for a reason. Using cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP, working together with a hypnotherapist can help you get back to a state of flow help you see things differently, (reframe), and help you live your life in a healthier happier way.

So don’t let today’s information overload run your life, how about taking control, taking back the wheel, and living life in the flow!

How do we do that?

Like I said mindset is everything and I am sure working with a hypnotherapist can help you get your life back on track, get back in the flow, and help you chose how you see the world from a much healthier happier positive mindset!

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