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Hypnosis During Covid-19

Welcome back to another edition of Hypnotic News. Today I want to talk about those using hypnosis to help with COVID during the pandemic. People doing their small part whether clinical or otherwise to help people pull thorugh. So today I want to look at two stories of hypnotist who have done thier part, across the world, to help allieviate the mental struggle of those stuck at home.

While I have mentioned in past posts that it is not an ideal to do hypnosis online, current situations have made it more necessary than ever. Despite our cities beginning to reopen around the country, the proposed phases still leave many people at home. Particularly those who are considered high risk. Hypnotist around the country are doing their best to continue to provide services to those who need them. So that we can continue to serve our community during these stressful times.

While contemplating this idea, I found a few interesting stories about hypnotist (clinical and otherwise) doing their best to help people during the pandemic.

Have A Go At Hypnosis

The second story comes from Have a Go News

Here an Award-Winning Austrailian hypnotist named Matt Hale is helping people cope with the stress and anxiety through a free download. Better known for his feelgood comedy hypnosis shows, he wanted to help people combat the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety as well as other worrying behaviors such as panic buying.  Matt goes on to point out that while worry can be useful at some point it becomes a hindrance if we become stuck in those negative thoughts.

This 15-minute download is available on is website here http://matthale.com.au/anxiety/)

“Most of us have never experienced events that have had such an enormous impact on our everyday lives – these are unprecedented times,” says Matt.

“Some people may already suffer from low-level anxiety and have found their symptoms have ramped up recently; others might be feeling new physical and psychological strains for the first time.

“I have spent years helping people to develop positive habits. The techniques I teach my clients, whatever the trigger, can also be applied successfully in this current pandemic.

“I’d encourage anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious, whether they are directly affected by Coronavirus or are just generally worried about it, to download my session and see if it helps,” he says.

The Worry Window

In addition, he has advised people to schedule a “worry window” so that they can better manage and process the negative thoughts that they may be experiencing. He suggests that containing them in a time slot allows you to examine them without letting them take up your entire day. Unlike the previous story this file is designed to be used anywhere you can have a spare moment to listen and relax by yourself.

Matt further explains that the human brain has developed an aversion to uncertainty over the millennia. In our constant quest for certainty, we have wired ourselves to “catastrophize” or see a situation as worse than it actually is. Which of course leads to fear, anxiety, and even stress. The lack of answers raised by recent uncertainty can also lead to frustration, anger and agression

“It is a carry-over from our inherent ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction to threat,” says Matt.

He goes on to say “Awareness is the key. It is our superpower,”

Matts Tips:

Focus on breathing – take long, slow breaths;
Recognise the need to rise above “fight-or-flight”;
Accept the uncertainty – and allow yourself to stop the struggle against it.

Just taking 15 minutes out of your day to focus on yourself, rather than the latest virus news update, can help you regain a sense of balance and focus. Which will ultimately better enable us to focus on the things that we can control instead of those that we cannot.

The article finishes with Matt noting his belief that this pandemic has many
repercussions beyond the actual virus.

“There is already a huge impact on mental health and wellbeing as people try to manage an increasingly stressful situation amidst this virus.

“I can help ease that stress in just a small way, and I believe it’s worthwhile trying,” says Matt.

To access Matt’s download, visit http://matthale.com.au/anxiety/

Bathroom Hypnosis

The second comes from the Florida Reporter about a wellness app called Clementine.  I saw this and couldn’t help but to smile and be amused by the ingenuity of people. Of the abilty to find some way to help others. As, I’ve said before, that ingenuity, that desire to help, is a lot of what brought me to hypnosis.

Clementine has recently created a short hypnotherapy session designed for people to take – while they’re on the TOILET. This session named “Loo-break breather” lasts five minutes and 18 seconds, and is the brainchild of Clementine founder Kim Palmer. In addition to this particularly interesting file, Kim hit the headlines in March when her team of hypnotherapists held the first mass online hypnosis session during the first week of the lockdown in Great Britain. This new session was released to help those feeling the strain as Easter rolled around the corner a few weeks ago.

She explained saying that ” Trying to find extra time to relax during the lockdown can be a stress in itself. Getting motivated to do a 6am yoga session in the lounge or a midday step-class in the hallway is great, but I wanted to take advantage of a time that doesn’t involve adding even more to our busy schedules.”

While I haven’t checked out her app yet. I’m definitely going to now.

The World Together

We’re all in this together and we will get through. I hope these two stories help as we all struggle to maintain our mental health and well being during these trying times. We will get through this and eventually the world will go back to a semblance of normal.

If you find yourself still struggling reach out to someone. Whether it is a friend, a mental health professional, or even a hypnotist. Hoosier Hypnosis is here to help. We can meet in an office or online.  We’re happy to help you face your anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disturbances, and the other various services we provide.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep calm.

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