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Hypnosis for Time Management

Time Management
Time is a currency that is constantly ticking away…how are you spending yours?

Every year we waste time on drama, media, and any other number of things. As a society we also complain about not getting things done. While we have to have time for ourselves, we also need to be productive members of society. If you’ve had days, or even consistently have trouble with this very problem you aren’t alone. Even I have been there and some days, I’m still there.

Hello and welcome back for a special edition of Hypnotic News. The topic today: Time Management.

Time Management

  • Do you constantly find yourself procrastinating till the last minute?
  • Always in a rush?
  • Struggling to manage your time, plan effectively, and work on a schedule?
  • Do you wish you had more control over your day?
  • Or that you could plan and work to deadlines naturally?
  • Do you want to become more successful in all areas of your life?
  • Do you want to command greater respect from your colleagues family and friends?

If you are like me, your not naturally blessed with time management skills. I’ve had to work consistently and diligently throughout my life to learn how to manage my day, my time, and my life. I looked at others wishing I had their skills. I unfortunately learned the hard way, with practice and time, determining what worked and did not work by trial and error.

Procrastination Vs. Time Management

Now, while procrastination is a contributing problem to time management, it is a different beast in and of itself. Procrastination is about having something to do at 1 pm and then either not doing it or doing something else, thinking you’ll get to it later. On the other hand, time management is the ability to schedule something and stick to the schedule. This is the basic difference.

Tips & Tools

Ok. So, how can you manage your time better? Well, here are a few simple tips:

  • Get a planner. Something simple either paper or digital.
  • Star planning in advance. Start with one day at a time. When that gets easier then you can move from two days all the way up to two weeks or more.
  • Stick to the schedule. It sounds silly, but a plan doesn’t work if you don’t stick to it.

These are just a few ways to get started. I’ve found that most people who struggle with this (myself included) didn’t use (or currently don’t use) a planner or schedule. Without a plan, you don’t really have the data to make a good decision. How can you manage your time when you don’t plan out what you are going to use your time for?

What To Do?

If you’re reading this then you’ve taken the first step to change. You may want to know how to increase your skill or just how to start. Either way, recognition of a problem is always the first step towards a solution. And as long as you can imagine yourself calm and in control, its possible to overcome this problem.

Because really the only difference between you and someone skilled at time management is your thoughts, beliefs, and the behaviors derived from them. Essentially your internal program. While we can learn the hard way, I’ve since discovered a bit of a cheat or at least a natural shortcut.



Well just like we talk about on most of our pages, hypnosis can be used to change the way you look at a situation. It is usually our own stinking thinking that is getting in our way. By changing those thoughts we change our beliefs and that changes your actions and behaviors. Effective change starts with getting your unconscious on board.

What Skills Can You Learn?

  • To plan your time effectively.
  • To understand the cause of your procrastination so you can stop it in its tracks. Making you naturally more productive.
  • Organize your schedule more efficiently. Knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it. You can be on top of everything in your life both professionally and socially.
  • Improve others perception of you. Those who manage their time well are perceived well by others.

What to Expect

If you want to know what hypnosis is like we have several articles about hypnsis, its history, and many other interesting topics in All About Hypnosis.

Here however, i want to talk about what to Specifically expect in results. The types of things you can make happen with hypnosis if you keep an open mind and are willing to follow our suggestions within the session.

Short Term

  • Greater Motivation
  • Greater Drive
  • Less procrastination.
  • Feeling of commitment to yourself and your responsibilities in all areas of your life.

Long Term

  • As you continue to practice the skills they become more natural. Long term habits usually take up to 21 days to develop.
  • You will find yourself in more control at all times.
  • You will more easily remember your deadlines and targets.
  • As time goes on you will likely notice others who are recognizing your new-found skills.

Make Your Time Management Plan Today

We all need help sometimes. And its okay to ask or to find the tools to do it yourself. But sometimes its like moving stuff around in your house. You may be able to move some things by yourself, but you may need someone with more strength (or in this case skill) to help with the heavy lifting.

Until next time, use your time wisely and take care. I look forward to seeing you on the next edition of Hypnotic News.

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