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Hypnosis: Sports best kept secret

Many Athletes have leveraged the power of hypnosis to improve their performance and free the excellence within themselves. Most don’t openly admit it. If you ask around most main stream reports are nervous to make the assertion that hypnosis does anything at all for athletes and performance. Then why do so many top athletes use it?

Top Athlete's secret weapon? Sports Hypnosis

A select group of athletes maintain that hypnosis helps them concentrate on their games, relax before competition, and create mental images of themselves winning.

Many famous athletes have reportedly benefited from hypnosis in order to reach their full potential. An example is gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who won a gold medal in 1984 and is rumored to have utilized hypnosis to help her perform better in Los Angeles and to alleviate the agony in her wounded foot. Two American shooters used a hypnotist on their way to gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. With the help of hypnosis, Rod Carew was able to channel the anguish he was feeling from an old injury into a.400 batting average at the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Nolan Ryan, George Brett, and Mark McGwire of baseball; Jimmy Connors of tennis; Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson of golf; are among the other athletes rumored to have undergone sports hypnosis.

Here’s a partial list of sports and what is known:

Golf Hypnosis

Professional golfer Tiger Woods has enjoyed a career that has seen him become one of the most famous athletes in the world. At the age of 13, Woods reportedly began going to a hypnotist named Jay Brunza for hypnosis and mental training. Brunza claims that Woods employed hypnosis during games to help him concentrate, imagine, and tune out distractions.

Woods has accomplished a great deal throughout his career, including setting a number of golfing records and winning a number of major tournaments. Whether or if hypnosis played a role in his accomplishments is unknown.

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson has received various awards and honors for his play. According to reports, Mickelson has used the services of hypnotist and mental coach Dean Reinmuth in his preparation for events. It is said that Reinmuth has taught Mickelson to imagine himself winning and to ignore outside distractions while playing.

As a professional golfer, Mickelson has achieved great success, with his résumé including several major titles and an induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame. His mental fortitude and excellence under duress have earned him widespread renown.

Gymnastics Hypnosis

Mary Lou Retton is an American gymnast who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and won the all-around gold medal. Time magazine said that Retton had utilized hypnosis to help her focus on the Olympics and to alleviate the agony in her broken foot.

The damage to Retton’s left foot, so the story goes, made it difficult for her to execute certain moves. She sought the aid of a hypnotherapist named Dr. Jay Cohen to assist her deal with the discomfort and sharpen her concentration.

Hypnosis helped Retton imagine herself at peak performance while also helping her ignore the pain in her foot. Because of this, she was able to compete at a high level and ultimately triumph in the all-around competition, taking home the gold.

Baseball Hypnosis

The Chicago White Sox, a professional baseball team, reportedly employed a full-time hypnotist to deal with their players in 1983. The team’s owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, reportedly was initially suspicious about the benefits of hypnosis, but eventually agreed to give it a try after being approached by several players.

Dr. Dick Harte, the team’s hypnotist, helped the players unwind before games and maintain concentration. While some athletes said that hypnosis helped them relax and focus during games, others saw no change at all.

The White Sox used a hypnotist in 1983, but they still had a subpar season, going 76-86 and finished in fourth place in the American League West.

Most baseball fans agree that Babe Ruth, a former major league baseball player, was among the best players in the game’s history. Throughout his career, Ruth played baseball for the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Braves, and he broke multiple records and received numerous honors for his efforts with each team. There is no proof that Ruth ever employed hypnosis as part of his training or game preparation, but the idea persists nonetheless. These rumors are probably false or rooted in a misunderstanding of Ruth’s training methods.

We can’t say for sure what began the rumor mill. There is scant information accessible about Ruth’s training and preparation for games, despite the fact that he was a professional baseball player in the early 20th century. It’s possible that he used a variety of methods for both physical and mental preparation, however I was unable to discover any specifics.

During his professional baseball career, Rod Carew batted .286 with the Minnesota Twins and .289 for the California Angels. Following the 1976 season, when Carew suffered a career-threatening injury, he sought the help of a hypnotherapy as part of his treatment and rehabilitation.

Carew reportedly employed hypnosis to overcome the ongoing discomfort from his injuries, leading to a.400 batting average. He was able to tune out the discomfort by visualizing himself at his peak performance.

After beginning his career with the New York Mets, Nolan Ryan also suited up for the California Angels, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers. It was said that Ryan used hypnosis as a part of his training and preparation for games. The hypnotist Ryan visited, Dr. Dick Harte, supposedly helped him chill out and concentrate on the field.

Ryan’s career was incredibly fruitful; he achieved unprecedented levels of accomplishment and achieved widespread recognition. Most baseball experts agree that he is among the game’s all-time greats on the mound.

During his professional baseball career, George Brett suited up for the Kansas City Royals. Reports claim that Brett included hypnosis into his pregame routine. Brett, the tale goes, saw a hypnotherapy named Dr. Dick Harte to help him chill out and concentrate on the pitch.

Brett had a very successful career, as evidenced by his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame and his collection of trophies and honors. Among the sport’s most avid fans, he is routinely mentioned alongside the game’s all-time greats.

Former Oakland Athletic and St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Mark McGwire played professionally in baseball. It has been said that McGwire used hypnosis into his pre-game routine. Story has it that McGwire visited a hypnotist named Dr. Dick Harte for help relaxing out and honing in on the game.

McGwire had a very fruitful career, as seen by his many records and honors. There is a consensus that he is one of the best sluggers ever.

Boxing Hypnosis

The Irish boxer Kevin McBride rose to fame after his 2005 upset of Mike Tyson. McBride allegedly employed hypnosis as part of his training for the bout. Dr. George Collins, McBride’s hypnotist, supposedly helped him focus on winning and tune out the noise around him in the ring.

On June 11, 2005, at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., McBride and Tyson squared off in a boxing match. It was widely predicted that McBride, the underdog, would be knocked out in the first round by Tyson, but instead he lasted until the sixth round and won by knockout. A tremendous upset had occurred, and Tyson’s career as a top-tier boxer was over.

Basketball Hypnosis

Michael Jordan was a legendary NBA player who is often mentioned among other great athletes. There is no concrete evidence that Jordan employed hypnosis to boost his performance on the court, although there are speculations that he did so because he worked with mindfulness coach George Mumford. These tales probably started out as a misunderstanding of Jordan’s mental training methods.

Jordan was renowned for his extraordinary athleticism, mental fortitude, and work ethic. Jordan used a variety of mental strategies in addition to his physical workouts to boost his basketball skills. It’s possible that methods like visualizing success, making concrete plans, and encouraging oneself were used. It’s more likely that his mental and physical preparation worked together to help him succeed than that he used hypnosis.

Professional basketball player Kobe Bryant suited up for the Los Angeles Lakers. It was reported that Bryant used hypnosis into his pre-game routine. Bryant reportedly worked with George Mumford to train his mind to focus on winning and tune out distractions during games.



Bryant was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and won multiple championships and other prestigious awards during his stellar career. His extraordinary physical skills, his intense focus and dedication, and his tireless work ethic earned him widespread acclaim.

Performance coach George Mumford has coached the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, among many others. Mumford is well-known for his contributions to the fields of mindfulness and mental training; he has worked with numerous athletes, assisting them in maximizing their potential via the use of methods like visualization, goal planning, and positive self-talk.

Successful in their professional basketball careers, Jordan and Bryant are among the sport’s all-time greats. Both athletes were revered for their extraordinary skill, dedication, and work ethic on the field. To what extent, if any, hypnosis was employed in their training, it is unknown, but it is likely that Mumford helped both players enhance their performance through his mental training tactics.

Hockey Hypnosis

After retiring from professional hockey, Wayne Gretzky was universally regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats. There are rumors that Gretzky used hypnosis as part of his pre-game ritual. The legend has it that Gretzky visited hypnotist Dr. George Collins to assist him focus on winning and tune out outside noise while playing.

Throughout his career, Gretzky had great success, breaking records and receiving several honors. His brilliance and innovation on the ice have made him one of hockey’s all-time greats, and he is widely regarded as a game-changer for the sport.

Swimming Hypnosis

Retired American swimmer Michael Phelps is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time. At the end of his career, Phelps held a record-breaking 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which were gold. There is no solid proof that Phelps employed hypnosis in his training or competition preparation, although it is possible that some of his training methods or mental approaches were misread or mistaken as hypnosis.

Phelps, for instance, used many mental strategies to help him imagine achievement and stay motivated, which contributed to his well-known intensity of focus and dedication to training. It’s possible that he practiced for the competition by visualizing a successful outcome, creating goals, or engaging in some other form of mental rehearsal. Athletes frequently employ these methods to boost performance, although they are distinct from hypnosis. Rather than hypnosis, Phelps’ success was probably the result of natural talent, hard work, and mental concentration and willpower.

Olympic Pole-Vaulting Hypnosis

An ex-pole vaulter, Australian Steve Hooker won the 2008 Olympic gold medal in Beijing. Hooker reportedly employed hypnosis as a part of his training and preparation for competitions. Hooker reportedly saw a hypnotist to assist him get over his dread of pole vaulting and prepare himself mentally for victory.

Hooker’s career was incredibly fruitful; he won multiple gold and established multiple world records in the pole vault. Many of the sport’s greatest luminaries agree that he deserves a spot among their ranks.

Olympic Shooting Hypnosis

Working with a hypnotist helped two American shooters win gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Gold medals were won by shooters Matthew Emmons and Jason Parker in the 50-meter rifle three-position and 50-meter pistol competitions, respectively.

As part of their preparation for the Olympics, Emmons and Parker reportedly started seeing a hypnotist named Dr. George Collins. Collins guided them in using mental imagery to prepare for the competition and avoid becoming sidetracked.

Tennis Hypnosis

Professional tennis player Jimmy Connors is largely regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats. As part of his training and preparation for bouts, Connors reportedly used hypnosis. According to the legend, Connors saw a hypnotist who taught him how to create mental images of victory and tune out outside noise so he could focus on his game.

Connors had an extremely fruitful career, achieving unprecedented levels of achievement and breaking numerous records. As a player, he is renowned for his high level of intensity and mental fortitude under pressure.

Hypnosis: Sports best kept secret

Our team of experienced hypnotists is here to assist athletes like you tap into the power of hypnosis to improve performance and achieve new levels of excellence.

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