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Hypnotic Trance

Knowing You’re In Trance: 10 Simple Signs of Hypnosis

Welcome back to another fact filled edition of hypnosis news. Today I want to talk about one of things we are asked a lot. How to know if they are in trance or hypnotized at all. With that in mind we are going to share 10 simple signs of trance.


First of all, I think its important for you to realize that everyone wonders this at first. The first time I went into trance, I was not so sure the entire process wasn’t nonsense and pure bunk. The first few times I went into hypnosis or trance I felt odd, but I was not entirely sure anything was happening at all. It was not until my first change work session (my first two experiences were with recreational hypnosis and stage shows) that I really understood the profound change that could occur with hypnosis. This lack of initial understanding has made me a large advocate for teaching on these subjects.

10 Signs of Hypnosis

The sensations of trance vary from person to person, but here are 10 ways to tell you’re in a trance:

1. You feel a change in your body.

This sensation can take many forms. For some it feels like a tingling or a numbness. Others feel heavier or lighter. I feel like I’m floating or as if my mind in on a journey outside my body. It’s an odd sensation to describe and everyone will have different words for it. But search for a different sensation or feeling.

2. You feel a change in your mind.

For me hypnosis quiets my constantly busy ADD/OCD mind. It puts the anxiety in a box for a while so I can focus intently on something. Some people experience this same mental sensation. Others say that their inner critic quiets or goes to sleep. It’s an inward focus without the restrictions of the critical mind.

3. You’re not sure if you fell asleep.

Some people find they have some confusion as to whether or not they drifted off to sleep. In the case of many of these people, this is simpy a case of your conscious mind drifting off. However, we always ensure you’re still awake while your unconscious mind pays close attention to what we’re saying. Not to mention that this sensation is not as common a reaction.

4. You can’t do math.

This is one I’ve had other clients describe to me. it’s the only one I cannot attest for personally. nor can I think of a time or a reason why I would try math in hypnosis. Which makes since as our analytical mind is the part that does math.

5. You’re more focused.

Hypnosis creates intense focus. Most people notice that their mind is focused so intently on the hypnotist that other thoughts or sounds can be blocked out. Hypnosis allows you to settle down and pay attention to what is most important in that moment.

6. You see visual imagery.

Many people feel that they stink at visualization. In most cases this is true. As adults, we get very little practice using our imagination unless we’re paining or creating as a part of our job. But with hypnosis some people who are not very visual at all find they are more so when hypnotized. Others find their imagination to be even more vivid than usual. This is the case with me in trance. Either way, it’s not uncommon to have a rich visual experience during a trance.

7. You’re not unconscious.

Many clients believe that they will be unconscious during hypnosis. This may be due to the wording we use. Which is understandable, but unconscious mind does not mean asleep or unconscious during your session.

8. You’re more intuitive.

In addition, some people feel more intuitive during hypnosis. Clients often tell me after sessions that even if their problems were not solved in the first go, that they have more clarity about the causes of their symptoms. Others, myself included, feel more connected to their intuitive side after leaving the trance state.

9. You lose track of time.

One of the coolest effect of hypnosis is time distortion. I’ve had 15 minute mini sessions with friends feel like hours to them. I’ve also had hour long sessions feel like minutes to others.

10. You feel deeply relaxed.

Finally, this is the easiest sign. While hypnosis does not have to be an intensely relaxed state, most people find that it is. Many clients describe the state as peaceful connection to themselves and their inner feelings.

Signs and Signals

Hypnosis is a natural state. We feel this way throughout the day. when we drive in the car and forget how long we’ve been at it or missed normal landmarks. When we see a movie and get emotionally involved in the story. These are all trance states.

If you would like more information on hypnosis check out All about Hypnosis on our site.

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