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Celebrity Hypnotees

Celebrity Hypnotees
Be dazzled by the celebrities using hypnosis.

Welcome back to another edition of Hypnosis News. Today I want to talk about the glamour, prestige, and excitement that can be associated with hypnosis. Granted I’m always excited, but today we’re talking about celebrities who have used hypnosis in their lives. Hey, even Mozart was reportedly a fan.

Which just goes to show how main stream hypnosis is becoming. Despite the last century of Hollywood and Vegas stage shows causing any number of misconceptions, people are finally starting to take it seriously. Between celebrity use of this process and new research, hypnosis is really booming around the country and the world.

Celebrities Who Used Hypnosis

If you’ve read our past posts, you know hypnosis is a powerful. Useful in treating a variety of symptoms. Smoking, pain relief, child birth, weight loss, stage fright, fears, phobias, and insomnia are just a few of the ways hypnosis is being used today. In fact, we are constantly finding new uses (add link to 95 ways) for hypnosis.

Below are several uses for hypnosis. In the whole, we will show you 30 celebrities who have used hypnosis to benefit their families, lives, and careers.

Smoking Cessation

Its a difficult habit to break. It is hard to maintain the resolve, willpower and persistence. In fact, most people quit over seven times before they successfully quit. There are the triggers, cravings, and unconscious behaviors ingrained into our actions. These things are rooted in our unconscious which is why so many plans often fail.

However, hypnosis works direction with the unconscious. Removing the mental addiction as well as the cravings and urges. Hence why many people are able to quit in as few as one session. And when something works, people flock to it.

Here are just a few of the celebrities who have quit smoking with hypnosis.

  • Adele – Did you know she was once a pack-a-day smoker. She tried hypnosis just before “Hello” came out, and quit immediately.
  • Ewan McGregor – He said hypnosis made stopping feel “effortless.” McGregor hasn’t smoked since 2009.
  • Chelsea Handler – This comedian and late-night host promoted hypnosis for smoking on Instigram.
  • Matt Damon – He credits hypnosis with helping him quit after 16 years as a heavy smoker. On The Tonight Show, Damon said it was the best choice he ever made and that “it works.” 
  • Debra Messing – The Will & Grace star says hypnosis saved her life. After just three hypnosis sessions, she quit and has remained smoke free ever since.
  • Drew Barrymore – Drew used to smoked 2 packs a day. She’s been smoke free since trying hypnosis.
  • Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen actually shared her smoking hypnosis session on her show.


Hypnosis has been used in childbirth for a while now. From easing anxiety to working through labor pains, its an effective use of the tool. Hypnosis can be used to gain control over thoughts and sensations in the delivery room. In fact, studies show women who use self hypnosis during childbirth use fewer drugs. They also tend to have a more positive birthing experience.

here are a few celebrity mothers who have jumped on board:

  • Gisele Bundchen – Hypnosis can empower people to be calmer and more present. In addition it gives you greater control over your thoughts. That’s why supermodel Gisele said she preferred hypno-birthing to an epidural.
  • Jessica Alba – Alba described it as a sort-of guided meditation.
  • Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly learned hypnobirthing techniques before her first baby and has never turned back. Two babies later and she still promotes hypnosis for childbirth.
  • Miranda Kerr – Kerr has been an outspoken proponent of hypno-birthing encouraging many of her friends to try it.
  • Melissa Joan Hart – Hart enrolled in hypno-birthing classes.

Stage Fright

Even celebrities get stage fright, which can literally end their career.

Celebrities spend their lives in the limelight. That means stage fright can quite literally end a performer’s career. Hypnosis for anxiety and fear is one of the oldest uses in the book. These feelings originate in the unconscious propelling you into automatic negative thinking patterns. When these patterns spin out of control, you get stage fright or performance anxiety.

Hypnosis allows you to gain control. To change the thought patterns into more positive ones. Which is why dozens of celebrities use it to propel them through their career.

  • Mel B – This spice girl has struggled with stage fright her whole career. She turned to hypnosis when she launched her burlesque show in 2009.
  • Mandy Moore – This actress and musician experienced social anxiety over an album release. She found relief with hypnosis.
  • Jenny Slate – Slate experienced stage fright after being fired from SNL. Hypnosis allowed her to overcome and continue to perform. It gave her back her confidence.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is hard even if you have massive amounts of willpower. Hypnosis can help calm cravings and make exercise more enjoyable. In addition, it can help you identify underlying causes for weight gain, such as anxiety, stress, fear, or even trauma. It’s one of the most popular uses for hypnosis among celebrities.

  • Fergie – This singer credits hypnosis with healthy eating habits and choices.
  • Lily Allen – The singer reportedly lost two dress sizes with hypnosis.
  • Geri Halliwell – Ginger Spice herself reportedly tried hypnosis for weight loss.
  • Sarah Ferguson – The Duchess of York has reportedly used hypnosis for weight loss with success. She has also used it to help change a variety of other habits including nail biting.
  • Orlando Bloom – As a child bloom’s mother reached out to a hypnotist to help him overcome his chocolate addiction.
  • Oliva Munn – Munn has found hypnosis very useful indeed. She has used it for a variety of problems including OCD and exercise.
  • has used hypnosis for OCD and other conditions in the past. With hypnosis, she was able to stop viewing exercise as a chore and started to enjoy it.

Miscellaneous Uses for Hypnosis

There are very few instances in which hypnosis is not helpful. It’s simple. Hypnosis allows us to work with the unconscious instead of against it. That is the part of us that controls how we respond in a given situation. The part of us that just knows what to do in a crisis. With hypnosis we can provide the unconscious with new tools and positive thought patterns that ultimately change our actions and behaviors.

Here are a few of the other ways celebrities have used hypnosis for their own betterment:

  • Fear of Flying – Florence Henderson, of The Brady Bunch, used hypnosis to overcome her fear. She loved it so much she became a hypnotist herself!
  • Drinking – Aaron Eckhart, credits hypnosis with helping him kick his drinking habit. He’s quoted saying, “I recommend it to anybody.”
  • Pole Vaulting Fears – Olympic gold medalist Steve Hooker used hypnosis to become a better vaulter.
  • Insomnia – Kevin Bacon uses hypnosis to deal with his insomnia.
  • Arachnophobia – Eva Mendes overcame her fear of spiders with hypnosis.
  • Improving Performance – Tiger Woods once admited in an interview that he used hypnosis to improve his golf game and increase his confidence.
  • Better Focus – Tennis great Andre Agassi said hypnosis helped improve focus.
  • Seasickness – While on the set of Waterworld, Kevin Costner reportedly found relief from seasickness through hypnosis. 

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

Hypnosis is for everyone. It’s not some expensive therapy that no one can afford. It’s far more accessible than many people realize. Even using self hypnosis or an audio file can garner some results. Though most people report a more powerful response to hypnosis with a hypnotist.

If you would like to learn more, the please call us. At Hoosier Hypnosis we are happy to answer your questions. And if you aren’t quite ready for that step, check out our site. We offer an entire section explaining hypnosis as well as a listing of our services.

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