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Hypnosis vs Meditation

Hypnosis news here with another topic of hypnotic interest. Today begins a new series called the Vs. Series. A focus on the difference between hypnosis and other altered mental states. Their pros, cons, similarities and differences. Today we’re focusing on meditation. Hypnosis is often likened to meditation. But are the two the same? How are they similar? How are they different? That’s what we aim to explore to day. Take a journey with us as we have a short talk about Hypnosis vs Meditation.

Hypnosis & Meditation

Hypnosis and meditation are similar in many ways. However, they have their differences. Both are amazing tools for change. However, few people realize that when they struggle with meditation hypnosis can become an easier solution. Of course, the same works in reverse. This is not a one way street. It actually depends all on you.

We Have More In Common….

While some hypnotist view it as hypnosis vs. meditation, they are really complementary. Both are mental processes designed to help you learn to find a peaceful state. A state where you can reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Just like hypnosis there are videos and apps and programs or audio files to help you. There are also in person options with hypnotist and guided meditation sessions. Just as meditation doesn’t have to be a zen monk on a mountain, neither does hypnosis have to be spirals and pocket watches.

  • Both create a sense of calm.
  • Can reduce anxiety
  • Can reduce stress
  • Have misconceptions associated with them.
  • Are proven brain wave phenomena
  • Can be used to improve your health.
  • Both may use guided imagery.
  • Both may be guided or self led


However they differ in a number of ways too. Meditation is usually more spiritual in nature. It can have a broader focus. And most subjects do not have that sense of hyper focus that one gets in hypnosis when meditating.

Meditation is a lot like self hypnosis. You do all the work. However, research shows that these two brain states are different. In brain scans they activate slightly different aspects of the brain. There is some overlap, but distinct differences as well. Meditation does not cause hyper focus (a function of brain wave change in hypnosis) (ADD NEUROSCIENCE ARTICLE LINK). Nor does it increase suggestibility enabling you to affect the same kind of change.

Hypnosis on the other hand is usually more directed towards detaching from negative emotions and behaviors. To change the way we think to effect change. Or even just to begin to notice behaviors that are in our way. In addition hypnosis involves a variety of individualized interventions where meditation is more about finding that calm place instead of

Is One Better?

I meditation on occasion. I also engage in self or guided hypnosis. No one can really say that one is better than the either. They are just two different tools for different purposes. If I need to find my center and clear my mind I may meditate (or combine meditation and self hypnosis). If I need to effect life long change or get in touch with my inner workings I engage in hypnosis. It just depends on what you need.

If you struggle with meditation, with letting go of your thoughts, hypnosis might be a way to overcome that even. Sometimes it just takes feeling that state once in a guided session to be able to find it again on your own.

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