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Hypnosis: In Person Vs. Skype

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Can Hypnosis be done in cyberspace?

Welcome back to a cyber edition of Hypnosis News. Many people ask me about doing hypnosis Skype sessions. They ask if it’s possible and how effective it works. So I thought we’d take a few moments today to take about the pros and cons of hypnosis over the internet.


Let’s dive in.

Technological Intervention

In a world of modern technology, social anxiety, and the time management Olympics (daily) it makes sense that people would potentially want an internet hypnosis section. After all, what’s the point of having modern technology if we can’t use it for our convenience right?

When I started studying hypnosis I took an online course with a teacher I already knew, respected, and trusted. My class was literally all over the world. While many of use were based in the US, some of us were on the east coast, others (like me) were in the Midwest, in addition to people in Canada and Australia. As you can imagine, it wasn’t exactly easy to get together for class much less practice. Luckily, I already had someone nearby who was practicing full time, but there were some instances where we just had to do it online to get the practice in for that week.

It was great to get in the practice. And it works so long as we were able to communicate clearly (and the connection remained stable). In fact, the few online practice sessions I had, were perfect for mastering hypnotic lingo. However, it was also limiting in other ways. Things we could not do that might have been more efficient as well as other issues.

Bigger Problems With Online Hypnosis

Okay, so the short version is that while you can do a session over Skype, its never going to be as good as an in-person session. It just isn’t. There are a few reasons for this.

  • Some techniques may require touch, which would be impossible over Skype.
  • Hypnotists are often looking for subtle or slight cues which can prove more difficult in some situations online. Particularly if the camera or sound on one end of the session isn’t great.
  • If the client has some negative reaction to wording, the hypnotist isn’t actually there to correct the situation, which while unlikely could be highly problematic.
  • It’s hard to guarantee that the client will be in a situation where they will not be interrupted. So the environment can become an issue with online sessions.
  • The most obvious potential problem is connection issues which vary depending on service availability and location.

This does not mean that a session online is impossible. It’s just more difficult, which could lead to results that are not as significant. Many of these are the same issues we see with audio files. The audio can be of poor quality or contain too much background static and the wording may not be what is best for that person. We’ll cover that in another post (add link).

Despite that, some hypnotists will tell you they’ve had success with Skype sessions. Here are a few of the benefits reported:

  • Accessibility- Ability to help people who would not otherwise be able to come in.
  • The ability of the client to get help in an environment they are comfortable with.
  • Flexible- Ability to work around schedules as the client does not have the expense or time cost of travel.
  • No travel expenses/parking fees
  • In some places, an online session is cheaper than in-person appointments making it financially accessible.
  • A wider choice of hypnotherapists available at the touch of a button

Which Is Better?

For better or worse we live in a global community now. This means that we have plenty of options for all our services. Skype is just another program that makes it possible. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t great for personal and business use in a variety of fields and areas. In fact, e-therapy is a growing field, not only in hypnosis but also in psychology and even some medical practices for colds and the like.

And while I advocate that some hypnosis is better than none, I cannot say that Skype sessions or audio files are even equal to an in-person session. The limitation of these other technologies and applications is just enough for me to still say that an in-person session is far superior to the other two. Face to face therapy can never really be substituted. While studies and articles have indicated that people get results there are other downsides to online sessions. There are potentially serious downsides to online sessions that could affect your experience.

Serious Concerns

  • Some people need that real-life interaction, especially depending on the type of intervention required to effect change.
  • Some online therapies are just not suitable for people with serious psychological conditions as there is no one on hand to deal with an immediate crisis such as someone threatening suicide or harm.
  • With online practice, there is an increased risk of uneducated practitioners and charlatans offering their services.
  • There is less protection for the client due to different laws and educational requirements in different states, much less other countries.
  • There may be no recourse for poorly or unethically conducted sessions.
  • Equipment failure is always a potential problem.

The Power Is Yours

As I wrote this all I could think about was that old cartoon, Captain Planet. Just like he tells us that we ultimately have the power to help keep the Earth clean, we have the power to make a choice. It’s up to you, the reader, to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. These things may weigh differently from your perspective than they do mine.

Just remember to use your best common sense and to consider these things before choosing your path. Check out the credentials of your hypnotist or therapist online or in person. If you are concerned about putting yourself or others in danger seek help in person, immediately. You may find it works well enough, but just be aware of these potential pitfalls concerning online or Skype sessions before you make a choice.

For more information on this and many other hypnosis topics, check out All About Hypnosis and Services on our site. Until next time, have a great week, do your research, and be safe.

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