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Street Hypnotist Explains Hypnosis

Street Science
Can The Man Behind The Curtain Explain Hypnosis? Find out today

I spent a lot of time on Hypnotic News sharing articles and writing a few of my own. But today I want to mix it up a bit. It’s great to read but instead of post today I want to share a few Ted Talks about Hypnosis and have a bit of video fun.

If you’re not familiar Ted Talks are education talks that happen around the United States and around the world aimed at furthering knowledge in a variety of fiends. Science, psychology, history, anthropology, you name it and it has some scientific evidence, there is likely a related ted talk.

The first video highlights a hypnotist, author, and filmmaker as he both explains and demonstrates basic hypnotic phenomena. He talks a little history, a little science, and has a little bit of fun. The second shows another great hypnotist showing the applications of hypnosis on stage.

Street Hypnotist Science

Now, sure, I know this video didn’t talk a whole lot about clinical hypnosis. However, it does demonstrate a few things. One it discusses the misconceptions related to hypnosis (LINK TO MISCONCEPTIONS). Second, it gets down to Earth and explains some of the theories (LINK) as to why it works. Finally, it really does show, at least in my mind, how powerful the process can be for a variety of uses (LINK SERVICES).

I can tell you till the end of days that hypnosis is real, but ultimately you have to decide if you’re willing to give it a chance. It can be used like this for stage shows (with the highly suggestible) or it can be used to affect real life long change (even in those who are not as suggestible)

so in conclusion I wish want to say hypnosis is not the preserve of hypnotist or hypnotherapist even it is the common massive and amazing inheritance of all humanity and that’s something that the world needs to know

Albert Nerenberg

You Can’t Lose With Hypnosis

Now this one has a whole lot more to do with clinical hypnosis. We see the hyper-focus we talk a lot abut in Hypnotic News. You can also see the changes in sensation. And the hypnotist is correct. If we can change those sensations, what else can we change with that tool and those abilities? How much better can you make your life with a little bit of suggestion?

If you would like to learn more, check out All About Hypnosis for interesting articles and links explaining hypnosis and all its phenomenon as well as its history and science. You can also check out services to see how you may benefit from hypnosis yourself. Or call for a free consultation at


For more videos from this YouTuber check out his channel.

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