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Being Mindful

The Mindful Mindset

It’s Amber again with your friendly tip of the week.  We all have bad moods. Sometimes they last a day or two…and other times…they last longer. The last week or two I’ve personally had issues with my mood and the longer it goes, the harder it is to get back into that positive groove.  Or […]

Dealing with change

Stages and Change

Hello, this is Amber hoping you are having a wonderful day.  Today I want to take a moment to talk about change.  It is something we dread, desire and even need on occasion, but it is rarely something we enjoy.  A part of that has to do with our conscious feelings. Another part of it […]

Anxiety and Stress

Understanding Anxiety

It’s Amber again with another tidbit for your week.  Each and every day a massive number of people fight anxiety. We all have it at some point or another.  However, for some people, it is a constant struggle.  Chronic anxiety is hard to describe and even harder to overcome. It is easy to think that […]

Trance is easy and natural

Struggling to go into Trance?

Hello, this is Amber with your Hypnosis post of the week. Today’s post is about trance. While we get many questions about hypnosis, one of the ones we hear often regards concerns about being able to go into a hypnotic state or trance.  The truth is that getting there isn’t really all that difficult.  Very few people […]

Don't Make New Year's Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Every year I find myself making New Year’s resolutions. And every year I tend to discard them again by February.  I know I am not alone.  It is a frustrating situation to make these plans every year only to have them fall apart a month into it. We all want to make changes. So why […]