Science, Thoughts, And Chemistry…OH MY! More On Gratitude

Monday we talked about gratitude. How its good for us and what we can do to pull it into our daily routines. But we really just skimmed the surface. Today I want to talk about what it does to your brain. Digging deep into the science of gratitude to find out just how amazing changing […]

An Attitude of Gratitude: How One Daily Practice Can Improve Your Life

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Have and Attitude of Gratitude”. Very few of us talk about what that means or how to achieve it. Today I want to talk about just that. What does an attitude of gratitude do for us, and how can we benefit from it in our every day lives. […]

Using Your Mind To Heal Your Mind: Hypnosis & PTSD

In this edition of Hypnosis News I want to talk about our emotions affect reality, or our perception of it in regards to fear and PTSD. Particularly in regards to trauma and PTSD. Few of us realize how important our internal dialogue is to our well being. So today I hope each of us will […]

Using Hypnosis To Fix Your Belly With Your Mind

Hypnotic News back today with an study (all sources notated there) about hypnosis in treating gastrointestinal disorders. It always fascinates me when I find another use for hypnosis, but this one is particularly fascinating. It’s amazing what the mind can do in affecting physiological symptoms, let alone gastrointestinal disorders. Let’s get a little technical and […]

On Practicing Hypnosis: The Ethics, Practice, & Rising Medical Acceptance

Welcome back to another installment of hypnosis news with your friendly hypnotist Amber. Accordingly, today I want to talk medical acceptance of hypnosis around the world. Very few people realize how many states and even countries already incorporate hypnosis into a variety health fields. So I thought that we would take a look at what […]