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Kermie needs to abstain this St. Patty's Day

Hoosier Hypnosis St. Patty’s Day Edition

Happy St. Patty’s Day. This is Amber back with another installment of information from Hoosier Hypnosis. We’ve been busy helping people with our services. We’ve also been working hard to make them even more available to everyone. Along that line, we are happy to announce that I am joining the hypnotist team. Part of the […]

Hypnosis for Alcoholism: A True Story

Welcome back to another edition of Hypno News with Amber.  Today I want to share with you an article by Elizabeth Archer. It details her experience with hypnotherapy.  Particularly her journey to prevent herself from becoming an alcoholic. The truth is that many people suffer from alcohol abuse.  Many struggle to overcome it every day.  Some […]

Brain Surgery Using Hypnosis

I’m here today with a short and sweet link about the first Brain Surgery to incorporate hypnosis. From what I gleaned from this study, it was a deep brain surgery using only hypnosis and no other anesthetics to control the patient’s pain.  This is something we’ve never seen before. Brain Surgery and Hypnosis? Earlier this […]

Halloween Hypnosis: Phobias and Fears

Hello, it’s Amber again with your spooky Halloween dose of Hoosier Hypnosis.  I hope you are all enjoying the season, even if you aren’t enjoying the cold.  Halloween is a time for fears and phobias.  While the holiday has many symbolic meanings, in modern times it has come to embody fear.  Despite the fun and […]

Hypnotic Science

Your eyes are getting heavy, your body is relaxing. Going limp.  You feel like you are floating in space. Sound familiar? Fans of hypnosis should recognize those feelings. The power of hypnosis to change your mind is just as fascinating as how it can affect your body.  And all due to a few changes in specific […]

Pain Research and Hypnosis

I have been doing a lot of research lately and I wanted to share a few interesting facts I’ve found about pain research and hypnosis. Research, in particular, psychology, has always been fascinating to me. I love to see what we are learning about the mind.  Even more so when psychologists are talking about hypnosis. […]